Garage Sale

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Next week, December 21 will be the grand opening of my Garage Sale at the Commercial Area of our Subdivision ( just beside my brother’s medical clinic). This idea has been conceived last year . My hubby suggested to get rid of the old things that has long been occupying our storage room for how many years like clothes, shoes, utensils, tools ,leather beds and furniture .

The proceeds of this Garage sale will goes to the Feeding Program of one of the Foundations here in our City. Aside from the feeding, the Foundation will have a gift-giving this coming Christmas to children affected by the flood that recently hit our city.

I am in the process of soliciting more donations from my friends, relatives and concern citizen. I pray I can gather as many items as I can. If you are interested to join me in this noble cause, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment. Thank you and advance MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lesson Learned

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Our budget every December is tight not only because it’s a time of countless gatherings, feastings and gift giving but primary because it’s the month for the renewal of our Car and Motorbikes’s LTO Registration. Hmmm… How I wish it didn’t fall on the month of December. The bulk of our budget goes with the insurance, smoke belching test and the renewal of Certificate of Registration. Anyway, it’s a blessing in disguise. With various Christmas Sales on the mall , I can not help but be tempted. But because of this obligation I can not afford to be extravagant.

My hubby just finished with the renewal today. Thank God that we were able to ask discount from our Motor Trade Insurance Company . The agent’s fee of 40% was deducted fromt the gross amount. Last year, we were on an out-of-town Holiday and we were totally blocked-out from this obligation that we were able to forget it. The result? A 50% penalty was charged! Ouch! That was a lesson learned in a very expensive way.

Out for 2 days

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I’ll be out from the blogosphere for 2 days for a very important task to do that needs my full attention. I will speaking for the women of our church on their Special Gathering. I need to have a quite time and meditation… I need to speak the message God want the women to hear. Please pray that every word that will come out from my mouth will be living words of encouragement… hope… and joy! God bless you…

Does your marriage makes you fat?

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When I was still single, my waistline was 23”. After 15 years of marriage it gone far to 28”. As much as I really wanted to maintain that slender figure there are countless of factors that goes beyond exercise and diet.

What’s so fattening about a relationship? Have you notice it? If he’s fat then she’s fat. I guess the main culprit is the lack of exercise, because of hectic schedules exercise is no longer included in the daily routine. It might be due to more social obligations, meaning more regular meals than you’re used to. It could be less concern about maintaining weight ( the notion that I am already taken, no need to be sexy to attract others). What ever you reasons are, be determined to exert effort to maintain a healthy body.

Hubby and I made a covenant last month to be diligent with our Exercise and diet. Here what we agreed :

1. Jog at the sports center’s oval twice a week
2. Wakj around the subdivision for 45 minutes when we you can not jog
3. While he is biking, I should be exercising at home ( Taebo or hiphop Abs)
4. Not to take the escalator or elevator when malling
5. Softdrinks are prohibited
6. Dinner must be before 6 pm
7. We must eat breakfast to get rid of snacks

If the above sessions will never e enough… then my last solution would be Liposuction. I hope hubby would agree with me. Would you?