Mailroom Equipment

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Call me backward.. obsolete…old fashioned, but I prefer writing Christmas Cards and mail it to my love- ones and friends here and abroad. My hand writing is a part of me and for those I hold dear in my heart, I prefer my magic pen, my brain and my heart to write cards for Christmas. It conveys that deep feeling of love and care I have coupled with enough time I spent on one card just for them.

Last week I went to the post office to mail my cards and I noticed that there are still lots of old fashioned people like me doing this conventional way of communication, lining-up so i took the easiest way by asking a postman friend to mail it for me. Eddie and I had a little chit-chat at his office . I noticed that our city’s post office is already advanced with heir mailing system. They have a mailroom equipment that dispense mails faster through PC control system. With this advance technology, I hope my Christmas Cards will arrive the soonest time on each mailboxes.

Girl’sTalk : Christmas Traditions

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Family gathering with your loved ones. That is one thing we don’t miss every Christmas time. And you know what’s special this time, me and my hubby, my family and their family will have our first ever Christmas celebration together. It’s one thing that we have been praying. It is such a blessing to see family gather together, have an intimate bonding and prayer time, giving gifts as a token of love and simply enjoying one another.

Veteran Heroes

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My hubby and Son watched a World War II movie last night (We were soldiers and it was starred by no less than our favorite actor, Mel Gibson). I saw the excitement in their eyes seing the hardship and the challenges the soldiers faced as they try to outsmart the enemy which was in a better position high above on a hill.

While we were glued on our chairs wathching the movie, I can not help but remember my Dad’s ordeal as a veteran soldier with the USAFFE fighting the Japanese Emperial forces during the Second World War in the Philippines. He was still in his early twenties when he joined the Army and was assigned as a battery man. The memory is still vivid as I remember seeing a photo of my dad beside a Howitzer Cannon. That was a long, long time ago. My dad retired from government service without even enjoying the fullness of his compensation as a soldier that defended his beloved nation. The government has not done much in giving the amount of compensation and benefits which the war veterans so deserved. Some lived in a day-to-day, hand-to-mouth ordeal. Still some were left homeless with no health insurance and benefits to get whenever they need one. What they have is a meager pension not enough to defray cost of medicines and other old age needs.

Why can they be given benefits enough to have a decent living? In the west, specifically in the United States of America they provide financial and other forms of assistance to veterans and their dependents like Education, Pension/Compensation, VA Loan, Life/Medical Insurance and Hospitalization. What more? Processing of these benefits are fast and can be done online like VA Home loan. Unlike here , processing needs personal appearance and it will take more than a week to process simple transactions. Veterans here are not qualified to any loans while in the US acquiring of VA loan eligibility is easy.

Sorry… I can not contain my feelings with regards to the poor system regarded to our dear war heroes. I often saw them, old folks lining and waiting under the heat of the sun every month just to get that meager pension. I wonder what would the next president would do to alleviate the plight of our war heroes. I do pray that they will be given that short time to enjoy what they sacrificed and gave to our motherland even the freedom we enjoy today.