Successful Garage Sale

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My garage sale was very successful last Sunday afternoon. I was amazed to see people crowded in front of my brother’s Pharmacy and Clinic. My clothes and shoes were sold like hot cakes. One lady bought all my pants and shoes …leaving the rest protesting! Lol!

It was such a fulfilling experience seeing people happy with their best buys. Prices of items were 80% off from the original tag price. It is really a great deal buy since items were slightly used while some were brand new imported items from the US. Some people begged to lower the price.. since it’s Christmas , I couldn’t say no… huhuhuhuhuhu..

For 4 hours only, I was shocked to count that I have earned ___ thousand of Pesos ( Secret!). My kids enjoyed too! My little girl served as the cashier while my boy the packer. It was an income-generating bonding time.Lol!

Today we had our general cleaning. We unloaded again used clothing and other apparels for our Garage Sale Part II. I included our hundreds of DVD collection. Guess what? Some DVD’s were inhabited by ants ..eeeksss .. meaning they were unmoved in the shelves for months. I collected a box of make-ups and other beauty products and a big box from my kids toys. Hmmm… I guess next week willbe another enjoyable experience for us all. Watch out!