A Bleak Christmas

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Christmas and New year Celebration are especial occasions we all look forward with joy and excitement. But in spite of the joy and merriment around me, there is a glint of pain that hangs around everytime I see things which reminds me of my mom who just passed away.

Last night, when I wrapped gifts I remembered her again. My mom is such a thoughtful and generous person. As early as October , she had already started wrapping gifts for her grandchildren , sisters and friends. We are always a buddy on shopping around for Christmas presents. Last year, we had fun roaming around Taiwanese stores for bargain sale. Christmas is our bonding time together. This month, we supposed to purchase new Evironmentally friendly furniture since she was planning to refurnished her home to welcome 2010 but that plan can never come to pass. My heart is grieving again as I am writing this post. I wish she’s till here with me… malling together… eating together… and wrapping gifts together.

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  1. oh.. just last night..I was thinking about Tatay sad.. it's really different no, when you lose someone.. there will always be that void in our hearts.. but our only assurance is that we will meet them again in heaven.

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