Does your marriage makes you fat?

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When I was still single, my waistline was 23”. After 15 years of marriage it gone far to 28”. As much as I really wanted to maintain that slender figure there are countless of factors that goes beyond exercise and diet.

What’s so fattening about a relationship? Have you notice it? If he’s fat then she’s fat. I guess the main culprit is the lack of exercise, because of hectic schedules exercise is no longer included in the daily routine. It might be due to more social obligations, meaning more regular meals than you’re used to. It could be less concern about maintaining weight ( the notion that I am already taken, no need to be sexy to attract others). What ever you reasons are, be determined to exert effort to maintain a healthy body.

Hubby and I made a covenant last month to be diligent with our Exercise and diet. Here what we agreed :

1. Jog at the sports center’s oval twice a week
2. Wakj around the subdivision for 45 minutes when we you can not jog
3. While he is biking, I should be exercising at home ( Taebo or hiphop Abs)
4. Not to take the escalator or elevator when malling
5. Softdrinks are prohibited
6. Dinner must be before 6 pm
7. We must eat breakfast to get rid of snacks

If the above sessions will never e enough… then my last solution would be Liposuction. I hope hubby would agree with me. Would you?

4 thoughts on “Does your marriage makes you fat?

  1. my waist line before is 24, now it's 29. my hubby's waist line was 32, now it's 38.

    we're practicing numbers 5-7. 1-4? never!

  2. haa in ana d ay na kung ma menyo, amo kaliwat kay mga slender man, maski unsaon nako kaon ambut asa nipaingon ako gikaon wla japun ni tambok haa di vitamins, la man japun he he..ako mga sisters maintain japun ang lawas, in short, wlay asenso haa, exempted me ana exercise tingale..

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