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Next week, December 21 will be the grand opening of my Garage Sale at the Commercial Area of our Subdivision ( just beside my brother’s medical clinic). This idea has been conceived last year . My hubby suggested to get rid of the old things that has long been occupying our storage room for how many years like clothes, shoes, utensils, tools ,leather beds and furniture .

The proceeds of this Garage sale will goes to the Feeding Program of one of the Foundations here in our City. Aside from the feeding, the Foundation will have a gift-giving this coming Christmas to children affected by the flood that recently hit our city.

I am in the process of soliciting more donations from my friends, relatives and concern citizen. I pray I can gather as many items as I can. If you are interested to join me in this noble cause, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment. Thank you and advance MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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