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The world is made smaller through the internet. Everyday we are more and more connected to each other. Finding old friends, long lost relatives or classmates would be easy through the sprouting social networks on the web. Just like last month, my time on the internet was mainly consumed looking for our High School Batch ‘84. I was tasked to be the PR officer of our High school Centennial Home coming (December 14-21, 2009). Quite a very challenging assignment! As of today, I have completed 75% of my job. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet.
Speaking of social networking, a friend introduced me to Gloo. It’s not really a social network per se but it is a web application that allows users to work together on virtual spaces by embedding and manipulating images, notes, videos and even creating doodles in real-time. It is the new offering of Globe Broadband, the leading Internet Service Provider in the Philippines .

I have fun creating my Gloo page below. The dashboard is easy to navigate. It has a tool bar which allows you to upload pictures and videos, draw, post reminders, chat with online contact as well as send SMS/MMS. You can personalize your space with customized themes. You can even post ads here so you can inform other members of an event that you are hosting.It looks like a scrapbook collaboration website. I have just invited friends … I’m sure they will join me in my new discovery.

No doubt this will surely be a hit. Try Gloo and explore its very practical usage. Inquire about Gloo at This is a new medium to watch!

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