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We call it midlife frenzy…hehehe..just a term we use to describe our itching to go places we just saw from a travel magazine. Our friend gave us an NCL Cruise magazine which featured a packaged tour of the South Americas and Europe. Our eyes were glued with envy and while reading it, we were like transfered to another place and time. You guessed it, me and my hubby, we both day dreamed…hehehe.

It has been our long term goal, for now just a dream indeed, but one day, we both know that we can visit these wonderful places like the Europe (London, France, Germany, Scotland, Venice and Italy). Yes it’s a long list but that’s part of our dream! We find it fascinating to learn the different culture and beliefs these places have. We dare to say it as an adventure of our lifetime to be able to set foot and even kiss the soil when we arrived…hahahaha. It may sound crazy but it is indeed our very own crazy dream that’s soon to become a reality.

Europe is the best place to go shopping like shoes (Schuhe in german translation) and clothes. I love to try the very famous Herrenstiefel shoes. We also love to stay on a hotel that’s different this time like Hotels Europa… And how about strolling the enchanting palaces in Europe? Well, that would surely come as a special treat for us.

Anyway, at least I have shared with you some of our dearest wish in life. Yes, we really like to travel and visit all these wonderful place, but we believe that it is only God who knows the perfect timing for us to be able to do it. For this moment, we are just excited to think and imagine being on a cruise or a tour in these dream places of ours. How about you? Do you have one? It’s not bad to wish for at least dream to come true, right?

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