Lesson Learned

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Our budget every December is tight not only because it’s a time of countless gatherings, feastings and gift giving but primary because it’s the month for the renewal of our Car and Motorbikes’s LTO Registration. Hmmm… How I wish it didn’t fall on the month of December. The bulk of our budget goes with the insurance, smoke belching test and the renewal of Certificate of Registration. Anyway, it’s a blessing in disguise. With various Christmas Sales on the mall , I can not help but be tempted. But because of this obligation I can not afford to be extravagant.

My hubby just finished with the renewal today. Thank God that we were able to ask discount from our Motor Trade Insurance Company . The agent’s fee of 40% was deducted fromt the gross amount. Last year, we were on an out-of-town Holiday and we were totally blocked-out from this obligation that we were able to forget it. The result? A 50% penalty was charged! Ouch! That was a lesson learned in a very expensive way.

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