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Call me backward.. obsolete…old fashioned, but I prefer writing Christmas Cards and mail it to my love- ones and friends here and abroad. My hand writing is a part of me and for those I hold dear in my heart, I prefer my magic pen, my brain and my heart to write cards for Christmas. It conveys that deep feeling of love and care I have coupled with enough time I spent on one card just for them.

Last week I went to the post office to mail my cards and I noticed that there are still lots of old fashioned people like me doing this conventional way of communication, lining-up so i took the easiest way by asking a postman friend to mail it for me. Eddie and I had a little chit-chat at his office . I noticed that our city’s post office is already advanced with heir mailing system. They have a mailroom equipment that dispense mails faster through PC control system. With this advance technology, I hope my Christmas Cards will arrive the soonest time on each mailboxes.

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