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Do you want to add some magic to your pictures? Let picjoke.com do it for you. Manasseh Mark, my nephew introduced me to the site two weeks ago. I was uploading our pictures from our semi-break family vacation when he arrived home. Seeing the uploaded pictures from our rendezvous in Manila, he then suggested enhancing some of it using fun picture frames and other cool effects available from the site. Picjoke.com is an online photo-editing device. It is free and easy to navigate. Just upload your picture and chose the effects you want it to undergo and it will almost instantly do it for you. With the click of your mouse you can find yourself with celebrities, on magazine cover, at the billboard, on a dollar and more. The effects look so realistic since it features detection technology. I made a photo collage online of the places we have visited and I just loved it. It works surprisingly fast and it’s like a magic wand in your hand. Below are samples I have made. I hope you will like it.

So why not turn your old photos look new and surprisingly amusing with picjokecom? Every day they have new photo effects and you can upload as many pictures as you want – sky is the limit! Visit the site and make photo collage online now. Enjoy reminiscing the past with a touch of fun and amusement. Spread the news to your family and friends!

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