Our Household Chores

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My busiest hour of the day? It is between 6 to 8 in the morning . The time for cooking meals for the family and preparing my kids needs school for school . Until now, I have no househelp, the latest one went home to take care of her sick grand mother. We decided not to get one until the year ends , anyway household chores are controllable and manageable for the moment. To make things easier for us we have to be organized in everything we do. Like uniforms are already pressed the night before and school needs and assignments should be prepared in advance . Each of us has his own household chores assignments . We have “To do” list posted on a white board with matching deadlines.

Last Saturday, we did a general house cleaning. The kids clean their own rooms, mine was the kitchen and dining area while my husband did the exterior cleaning of the house. Hmmm… I guess mine was the dirtiest work. I hate Cockroaches, bugs and fleas …Yaks! Talking about these parasites, I should engage pest control as soon as possible… flea bomb reviews are good idea. Any suggestions please? I’ll appreciate if you leave a comment.

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