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I have seen many musical movies since my high school years but top on my list is EVITA . It’s an opera-type movie where most of the dialogue where sung instead of spoken. Madonna and Antonio Banderas performance is remarkable exceptional – A perfect combination.

What made the movie more romantic was that hubby and I watch it while still on our honeymoon….


6 thoughts on “TCP : Evita

  1. hi grace, hehe! yup, medyo early tong entry mo. this movie is for next week's theme.

    you can still change it though. just add your link to the MckLinky and i will remove the first one. sorry i wasn't able to inform you earlier that it's Great Outdoor Adventure Movies for this week.

    hugs and happy tcp!

  2. I think I have seen Evita or just a glimpse of it, when I was younger. I love Madonna and her performance.

    This is nice. will add this to my to watch list. ^^

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