Tuesday Couch Potatoe

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Not the typical Arnold Schwarzenegger film which is full of blast and action but this one is loaed with comedy and drama. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Howard Langston, a father who has promised his son that he will get anything he wants for Christmas. Unfortunately for Howard, his son wants an immensely popular “Turbo Man” action figure. Howard forgets to get it, and since it’s Christmas Eve, it’s sold out everywhere. Since Howard knows he has let his son down in the past, he goes on a quest to track down a “Turbo Man” action figure, and will stop at nothing to get his son the gift that he wants,

We watched this movie while my son was just 3 yr. old. We truly enjoyed the film.

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  2. Hello Grace! Happy New Year! Naku, pasencya na ngayon pa naka comment for this theme. Enjoyed this one too! It showed the funny side of Arnold. Hehe!

    Thanks for joining dear. Next week, January 12th, we will feature Blockbuster films. Hope to see you next week. Hugs!

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