Looking for Valentine Gifts?

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If there’s a month where everybody seems to look forward after Christmas and New Year’s Celebration, it’s the month of February. Almost all of us can relate to its significance as the Love Month. Valentine’s day is celebrated today with much expectation and anticipation. From the children, to teenagers, young adults to the old folks, everyone of them would just love to celebrate it. Valentine’s day are even more popularised by movies about it these days.
Rarely will it happen during this Love celebration can a gift be absent whether it is simple bouquet of flowers, to cards, dinner, a simple walk at the park or a special token to be given to the our loved ones. And when talking about Valentine’s Gifts to your special someone, let me highly recommend for you to visit findmeagift.com. How I would love to give expensive Valentine’s gifts and spend loads of cash. But here’s a good news to all of you ..findmeagift.com is gift love train that will surely bring surprise and amazement to you as they will provide you with heaps of Valentines day gifts for men and women with a price less than £20! Whoa!

They offer gifts that will not only speak your language of love but also express it to the fullest. Why not take a hop online and visit findmeagift.com and be in love over and over again.

MM : Chisoy

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It’s been awhile that I wasn’t able to join MOMMY MOMENTS.My kids are already grown up that finding digital photos for the weekly theme is difficult. Today’s theme is timely … “Welcoming a New Sibling” So with further Adieu ….I would like you to meet ANTONIO ALFONSO BOMBEO – The latest additional to our clan.He’s my elder brothers baby . Chisoy as he is fondly called is the apple of everyone’s eye. We call him the “mourning baby” since he was conceived while we mourned over the death of my beloved mother last February 2009.

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Music : Our Way of Life

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I am very privileged to be part of a family who simply adores music. My mother-in-law though already in her mid-70’s still plays her Steinway piano and harmonica. My two sisters-in-law are both Choire Directors in their church. Two of my brothers have their own music band and play gigs here and abroad. My hubby? He i plays all sorts of wind, percussive and stringed instruments….from guitar, violin, flute ,piano , drums to xylophone. His favorite buddy is his Korg Keyboard which he plays every Wednesday and Sunday Church Worship Services.

Whenever both families come together for gathering, expect hours of jamming and singing. Last Christmas and New year’s eve was the most celebrated holiday we had. My hubby and my family had a joint reunion and we decided to stage a small concert for that occasion. Everyone did their own part. There were singers, instrumentalists, directors, staff and the audience! Lol! There was singing, dancing and merriment all night long. It was indeed the most memorable holiday celebration for me.

We want to continue the legacy of the family that is why hubby and I are planning to invest on musical instruments. We planned to buy a Balwin piano or a Kawai piano this year. Timely because our eldest son is undergoing piano lesson from one of the best piano teachers in our city. We believe that this investment will last for decades when properly maintained. There are lots of musical store who offers technical services in piano restoration. One of them is Northside music Company. They offer full line of retail and restoration services . So if you are interested to buy piano or organ this year.. take a look at their website now!