465 posts for 8 months

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Thank God for the 8 months I have been in the blogosphere. I made 465 posts or an average of 58 posts per month. Wow! isn’t it great for amateur writer like me? Lol! Anyway, I thank you all for patiently reading my post. I am really doing my best to publish relevant items . As I have said before I am not good in writing… the reason why I took a BS in Civil Engineering in college. Just give me problem numbers and formulas… and I’ll solved it for you in a flash! huh!

Anyway, my target for this month is for me to have a domain name. I tried it yesterday at Godaddy.com but I am still struggling to successfully register. Any suggestion pls. I am very grateful if you could help me or give me a link. This would be the best gift you could share this 2010.

Another thing that I will be busy this days will be my short training for Graphics design. I have been longing to upgrade my skill on this matter. I love to create professional logo design , wedding invitations and other graphic designs. I hope I can be successful on this new endeavor.