Thankful Thursday : All things worked together for good

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Hello I am back again after 3 days of dormancy .I was waiting for the redirection of my new domain from to but I guess I wasn’t able to did it right. Last January 1, my Page rank was down from 3 to zero. I was little bit disheartened about it. So I decited to buy domain while my PR is zero. For two weeks I was trying hard to forward my new domain purchased from but all remain futile.

Yesterday, I was amazed to see that my PR 3 was back. It must have been there for a while.Thank God I was not redirected…or else I will be back to zero again. Indeed All things worked together for good.

I will take this time to Thank Mommy Dharlz, Lalaine and Josie for taking the time to teach me navigate Godaddy and blogger dashboard. God knows how grateful I am for your help.