13 Things to thank GOD for 2009

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1. 14 years of blissful married life
2. 42nd Birthday of Hubby and me
3. 22nd Church Anniversary Celebration
4. 1st one week Family Vacation in Manila and Tagaytay
5. 8th month in the blogosphere
6. 3 blogsites
7. 15th Clan Reunion
8. 2 Gold Medals for my Son
9. 2 Silver Award for my daughter
10. 1st driving experience
11. 1st successful garage sale
12. 1st,2nd, 3rd…….. blogging income
13. 13th church lighthouses

15 thoughts on “13 Things to thank GOD for 2009

  1. On #1: keep working at it, and congratulations! I'm so happy for you, and you know what that means, coming from me. 😉 God bless you more in 2010! Give my regards to your hubs.

  2. I believe this is the first time I've been to your site. I've been at it for 8 months, too. Congratulations! I suspect we share some of the same joy, frustration, and sense of accomplishment. It's been a boon to my life, and I hope to yours also.

  3. 14 years….super. My dear man and myself is just the opposite numerically…41 yrs.

    Congrats on such a successful marriage…I hope it is lifelong!

    My 13 is all about "If you're from Colorado you'd know…." HERE Scroll down just below my pencil sketching to find the list.

    Happy day to you.

  4. congrats Grace, the same pala tayo with my hubby too, pero 16 yrs of marriage na kami, yes, easy lang magtransfer from blogger to wordpress, bakit? Anong blog ang gusto mo? Kasi I was thinking mataas na ang PR mo, di ba? pwedeng pwede, just let me know. I just visited Lalaine, your cousin kasi neighbor kami, blessings!

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