Prom Dress for my Girl

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February month is love moth…yes, young people, teenagers as well as the old folks are mesmerized by this word alone, Valentines day. Yap! Indeed it brings jitters to the young couples who are expecting to celebrate it the most romantic way. And I remember, this is also the month when the Juniors and Seniors in high school get so excited, looking forward to their Prom. Wow, the memory is still vivid to me when I attended this special event during the high school days. We did our prom at the Campus Gym and I was so excited seeing my classmates all in their short prom dresses .
Hmmmm…my son is now on his first year in high school and soon, he will be attending this event too. How will I imagine him wearing his formal attire? Will I be that excited too remembering my high school prom? And how about my daughter? Ohhh, I would surely be the one who will choose for her the prom dress for that special event preferably one of Tony Bowls prom dresses illustrated below :

Yes, the right one that not only fits but will transform a young girl to a beautiful young lady . That is one thing I will look forward to. Wow! How beautiful would my daughter look like for that night, lol! Today, schools even set a special place to celebrate their prom nights. Some would rent a hotel so that the occasion will have a different ambiance of romance, beauty, charm and enchantment.