Something New

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Hahaha…it may sound outrageous but man indeed will do what seems to be impossible and create silly ideas to satisfy the craving for something new, adventurous but at the same time fulfilling. Not only that, technology today provide the much needed information and instruction just at your fingertips in the comfort of your home. Silly it might seem, but new ideas today are much welcome in our society where millions are looking for fun, adventure, thrill, creativity and comfort.
How about this? Have you thought of putting a mini-golf range inside your toilet? Let’s try Tee Time potty putter . Your pooping will never be the same! Lol! I myself oftentimes do these things while inside the toilet such as: Reading just anything especially my favorite books, magazines, newspapers, and anything I find interesting to read even shampoo or soap labels. But with the idea of practicing putting while pooping is such an outrageous idea but at the same time, new and exciting for me!

This is such an innovation that many would have not thought. But mind you, it will surely help ease the pain and boredom while passing the deuce. Yes, our toilets and bathrooms might be places of boredom, but using this new idea will surely make things lighter and enjoyable.

What do you think of this SUV?

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This is the new vehicle I am planning to buy. As much as I wanted to buy a brand new one, my budget is not enough since I have other priorities this year like the house renovation and my health care insurances . A friend of mine who is a car enthusiast referred me to this auto dealer shop who sells quality second hand vehicles. I dropped by the display center last week and inspected the unit… it’s still has a nice interior and the air-conditioning unit functioning good. I have wanted an SUV that would accommodate 8-10 persons. I just do not like the moss green color. It’s dry and not just my type…. I want something elegant like Black , Silver or Electric Blue or something chic like Red or Gold. But what can I do? my Hhbby with his mechanic gave their 100% approval in terms of its engine,chassis, body , ac compressor and other major parts. The owner of the unit is a lady doctor and that is why it is well-maintained and runs in an A-1 condition. They told me that the color is the last priority in choosing a second hand vehicle. Hmmm… I guess they have a point. I can change the color anytime I want …. but that means another P 25,000.00 expenses. Well.. give me another week to think about it!