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Thank God for the 8 months I have been in the blogosphere. I made 465 posts or an average of 58 posts per month. Wow! isn’t it great for amateur writer like me? Lol! Anyway, I thank you all for patiently reading my post. I am really doing my best to publish relevant items . As I have said before I am not good in writing… the reason why I took a BS in Civil Engineering in college. Just give me problem numbers and formulas… and I’ll solved it for you in a flash! huh!

Anyway, my target for this month is for me to have a domain name. I tried it yesterday at Godaddy.com but I am still struggling to successfully register. Any suggestion pls. I am very grateful if you could help me or give me a link. This would be the best gift you could share this 2010.

Another thing that I will be busy this days will be my short training for Graphics design. I have been longing to upgrade my skill on this matter. I love to create professional logo design , wedding invitations and other graphic designs. I hope I can be successful on this new endeavor.

4 thoughts on “465 posts for 8 months

  1. Happy New Year sis!

    Congrats dami mong post ha. Re domain name maybe Mylene of online mommy's corner or mylenerabago.com can assist you. sa kanya ako nagpatulong kumuha ng domain name at webhosting na rin. di ko tinry magscout sa iba kasi gusto ko yung matatanong ko ng personal about certain things like technical stuff sa wordpress. I hope that helps. Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Corry is a fake. She left her children en stole 1700 euro from me.she tried to kill herself in the sight of her own children. I can proove everything.

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