The Green Police

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CLIMATE CHANGE! My 13-year old son came tome for help last night for their reaction paper on Global Warming or Climate Change. To be honest, I do not have a great deal of knowledge and awareness on this subject matter. Hubby and I discussed about it once after we saw the movie 2012 and the rest I have seen on TV, heard on radios and read on newspapers.

Last night, I saught the help of the internet to gain a deeper knowledge on Global Warming or Climate Change. After an hour of research, I was astounded with the gravity of the problem. Fear began to struck me. Flashes of 2012 movie segment made me shiver. I hope the Copenhagen Accord would only be the beginning of a collaborative solution to this problem. I am happy that New York City created green police, a special squad of eco-task force assembled to sniffs out polluting criminals and enforce environmental law. They have the authority to search properties, investigate electricity and gas bills and track carbon-trading records for companies and businesses. Literally ,they have the power to pull-over vehicles that does not comply emission standards. Even food vendors are inspected to make sure environmental regulations are being followed.

I hope other industrialized and developed nations will duplicate the green police in New York City, USA . On a larger scale, every nation must be serious enough to implement what has been agreed in Copenhagen. To all – wake up! Let us do our best in our own little way to save mother Earth.

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