HELP! Will Somebody help me on this?

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I have a hard time forwarding my Blogspot URL to my New Domain name . asked for two name servers for me to enter through my Domain Manager. I surfed the net for name servers of blogger but I found nothing. All I get where inquiries but others bloggers who are as confused as me.

I went to blogger setting/publishing area and found the set-up process which is more confusing. The instruction is to Create a CNAME record for my blog’s address. Second is to create “A” NAME records for my naked domain. Whew! My mind is now in limbo. I asked some bloggers for help but sadly they can not give me the definite answers. I know they have been through this process since they have their domain name already but I REALLY WONDERED WHY THEY CAN NOT GIVE ME THE EXACT ANSWERS!

Are these name servers for blogger not constant? Why can’t provide the data to make the process easier? and Why can’t Bloggers’s name servers can not be found in the menu and even in the internet?

WILL SOMEBODY HELP ME ON THIS? I know there are thousands of bloggers out there who purchased domain from and were successful with the process. Can you be my good Samaritan?

5 thoughts on “HELP! Will Somebody help me on this?

  1. oh.. maybe then you need a webhost provider?.. because 2 of my wordpress blogs are webhosted man and when I changed my webhost provider, I also had to go through the process of changing the nameserver. anyways, I'll email you the id of my friend who might know your case and at the same time naa sad cyay webhost.

  2. adtu ka sa imuha go daddy account, click on the domain name, adtu dayun ka total dns, add lang ka og CNAME.

    www point to
    domain name point to


    tapos adtu dayun ka imuha blog sa blogspot, SETTINGS -> PUBLISHING ->
    Switch to: Custom Domain (CLICK)tapos enter the domain name nga imuha gipalit…


    wait 24 hours…

  3. hmmmm…hope you will get help with that probs grace:) just here to visit you.. i have no idea of this..heheh i wish i could!!!


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