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It’s been awhile that I wasn’t able to join MOMMY MOMENTS.My kids are already grown up that finding digital photos for the weekly theme is difficult. Today’s theme is timely … “Welcoming a New Sibling” So with further Adieu ….I would like you to meet ANTONIO ALFONSO BOMBEO – The latest additional to our clan.He’s my elder brothers baby . Chisoy as he is fondly called is the apple of everyone’s eye. We call him the “mourning baby” since he was conceived while we mourned over the death of my beloved mother last February 2009.

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3 thoughts on “MM : Chisoy

  1. Hi grace! It's good to hear you're back blogging again. Cute chubby pic of your baby here. I also got MMoments post in my blog, hoe to see ya there 😉

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