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Three days ago Google unveiled its newest smartphone offering for 2010 – the Nexus One. The device is manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation. Features of the phone include the ability to transcribe voice to text, noise canceling dual microphones,] and voice directions while driving. Click here for the full version of the phone.

The phone is sold via Google’s website, at a price of $529 unlocked, or a subsidized $179 when purchased with a T-Mobile two year contract in the US.

This is the new hype for all the TechnoPip and Gadget afictionado out there. Watch out for it! ( Or do I mean watch out for it’s china made imitation? Lol!)

2 thoughts on “Nexus One

  1. I can't wait to see which will be deemed the better gadget: the nexus one or the iphone.
    Why don't you buy one of each and give me one and we'll compare? 😉

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