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Gosh! My office computer crashed down again! Misery truly loves company huh! My mind’s still in limbo as to where to go and what to do. With loads of paperworks and deadlines to meet…What shall I do now? Our church’s Leadership Summit will be next week and I am still halfway to finishing my computer works. I do not have a choice but to bring my computer works at home.. I barely have 4 days to complete it and I’m pretty sure this will be a rough ride for me. I’ll expect some sleepless nights … and a hungry stomach.

Maybe I need a sync windows software this time since my files and folders are already crowding my hard disk. I need to syncronize every thing so as meet the deadline, hasten my work and do it with accuracy. I am glad I found . Downloading the software is free for non-commerical usage. Yes, I need Shareware 2 to detect files and software that were doubled in entry and has been dormant for the past 3 years . I am sure there are countless of documents, images, videos, powerpoints and PDF files that need to be extracted . A thorough clean-up of the system is needed this time . Another culprit of this trouble were thoe virus infected USB’s frequently plugged into my PC. Or it might be that I have to think of buying a brand new computer with bigger memory and an updated version to carry all the files and softwares. Hmmmm… this gives me the idea to propose for a new unit and a 3-in-1 printer on my budget proposal during the Leader’s Summit. I hope my request will be granted during our project deliberation. I’ll just pray the leadership will see the need .Wish me luck folks!

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