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Hahaha…it may sound outrageous but man indeed will do what seems to be impossible and create silly ideas to satisfy the craving for something new, adventurous but at the same time fulfilling. Not only that, technology today provide the much needed information and instruction just at your fingertips in the comfort of your home. Silly it might seem, but new ideas today are much welcome in our society where millions are looking for fun, adventure, thrill, creativity and comfort.
How about this? Have you thought of putting a mini-golf range inside your toilet? Let’s try Tee Time potty putter . Your pooping will never be the same! Lol! I myself oftentimes do these things while inside the toilet such as: Reading just anything especially my favorite books, magazines, newspapers, and anything I find interesting to read even shampoo or soap labels. But with the idea of practicing putting while pooping is such an outrageous idea but at the same time, new and exciting for me!

This is such an innovation that many would have not thought. But mind you, it will surely help ease the pain and boredom while passing the deuce. Yes, our toilets and bathrooms might be places of boredom, but using this new idea will surely make things lighter and enjoyable.

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  1. hehehe, that is interesting, wide reader really loves it so much. and like me, i love to read. there was one time that i read alot, and i don't even know, i read the book almost 3 hours with out thinking of going to school, my dad left me, because they need to go to church, but what is the most hilarious thing was, when they arrived, they still saw me reading and wearing my uniform and didn't go to school. reading is awesome!

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