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WELCOME to the Family ANTONIO FRANCISCO L. BOMBEO. He’s the newest addition to the Bombeo Clan. Chisoy as he is fondly called by his parents is the baby boy of my elder brother Bobby and wife Vilma. We considered this cute little angel a token from my dear Mama Purie. He was conceived while we were all mourning over the death of her demise. True to the saying that goes, “If something is taken out … something will be added”.

He’s the apple of our eyes. It’s has been 10 years since we do not have a little one to cuddle in our arms. My kids are now grown ups and my eldest is a teen-ager already…Hmmm… I missed the long night sleeps… the baby’s sweet scent … and the singing of lullabies even in the wee hours in the morning.

Chisoy is now 2 months old and I planned to give him a stroller. Thanks to which has a wide variety of fantastic selection of finely engineered strollers for every budget, occasion and lifestyle. The site is known for its dependable brands which are committed to high quality and strict stroller safety standards. Help me choose the perfect stroller for “Chisoy”. What shall I buy, The City Micro Single Stroller by Baby Jogger or the I’coo Targo Stroller & Pram? I like them both…. I’ll better see the stroller reviews for me to decide.

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