Thankful Thursday : All things worked together for good

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Hello I am back again after 3 days of dormancy .I was waiting for the redirection of my new domain from to but I guess I wasn’t able to did it right. Last January 1, my Page rank was down from 3 to zero. I was little bit disheartened about it. So I decited to buy domain while my PR is zero. For two weeks I was trying hard to forward my new domain purchased from but all remain futile.

Yesterday, I was amazed to see that my PR 3 was back. It must have been there for a while.Thank God I was not redirected…or else I will be back to zero again. Indeed All things worked together for good.

I will take this time to Thank Mommy Dharlz, Lalaine and Josie for taking the time to teach me navigate Godaddy and blogger dashboard. God knows how grateful I am for your help.

9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday : All things worked together for good

  1. Congrats, you are surely going places, my friend, and I'm so happy for you because it couldn't happen to a better, more deserving person!

  2. It can be tricky purchasing a domain and setting up the pointing correctly. But I'm glad to see you back online.


  3. wow! ptL!! mao diay na ang rason why it seems so difficult na ma domain cya ba? there's nothing to thank me man sad nang ky wla mn koy nahelp ky wla mn ko kabalo unsaun ug solbad sa go daddy..hehe

  4. I STILL don't have the kinks worked out of my domain mess yet and I have had it for over a year. Sheesh.

    You are doing better than me. You go girl.

    Happy TT. See you again next week. Hugs, Lynn

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