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I will be transferring this site soon to a new web host with my own domain name. I have a hard time buying domain with GoDaddycom. Any suggestion for a beginner like me? Preferably a user friendly site with comprehensive details and…. of course with lower annual fee. Please be a good samaritan…help me pls.

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  1. Hi Grace…naa ba ni PR imo blog kay mawala ra ba ang PR ani kung mag change ka ug domain name. i was planning before to buy also but Dhemz told me na mawala daw ang PR if mag change ka. Back to Zero na pod ka…if question mark or zero ang PR, okay lang kung mag change ka…

    anyway, sa blogspot domain diay ka palit…kay if ever na back to zero ang PR ko (hwag naman sana), sa blogspot ra ko buy ug domain name kay dali ra pero ang activation is 3 days, pero okay lang na.

    BTW…makatawa man ko sa LO oi…murag makasaag kadiyot kay pareho ra sa akoa hahaha

  2. I've had good luck with JustHost. Low monthly prices if you buy three years. Pretty good support and easy-to-negotiate site.

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