What do you think of this SUV?

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This is the new vehicle I am planning to buy. As much as I wanted to buy a brand new one, my budget is not enough since I have other priorities this year like the house renovation and my health care insurances . A friend of mine who is a car enthusiast referred me to this auto dealer shop who sells quality second hand vehicles. I dropped by the display center last week and inspected the unit… it’s still has a nice interior and the air-conditioning unit functioning good. I have wanted an SUV that would accommodate 8-10 persons. I just do not like the moss green color. It’s dry and not just my type…. I want something elegant like Black , Silver or Electric Blue or something chic like Red or Gold. But what can I do? my Hhbby with his mechanic gave their 100% approval in terms of its engine,chassis, body , ac compressor and other major parts. The owner of the unit is a lady doctor and that is why it is well-maintained and runs in an A-1 condition. They told me that the color is the last priority in choosing a second hand vehicle. Hmmm… I guess they have a point. I can change the color anytime I want …. but that means another P 25,000.00 expenses. Well.. give me another week to think about it!

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