Why Men Love Cars

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It’s really no secret. Go to any local auto show in Malls and you will find dozens of men crowding over the and enticing curves and trendy designs of the latest vehicle models. People , specially men are attracted to cars because they see is as a Piece of Art , like the priceless paintings of Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci.
My hubby and my teen-ager son are car fanatics. Whenever we are out of town and go shopping , the first thing they will do is roam around the mall’s parking lot and take pictures of the latest car models. Like when we were in Taguig, their eyes feasted over Audi, Porsche, Ferrari and Lexus displayed inside their respective Showroom. Picture below was taken while we were at Edsa Manila . They were excited to see this Yellow Porsche sports car swiftly passing by our Nissan Sentra.

Last Saturday, father and son surfed the net for cars to watch this 2010… they even compare car rental to see what’s really the most expensive model to lease.. Hmmm… as if they can really afford to rent one. Lol!

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