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I am an online follower of Joyce Meyer’s Ministries . Every year Dave, Joyce and the entire staff set aside a day to specifically pray for healing and restoration in any area of your life…you relationships, finances , career and more. That day will be March 10,2010. If you wish to submit a prayer request please click the badge on the left side.

Joyce Meyer Ministries e are called to present the Gospel to the lost, disciple nations, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, minister to the elderly, widows and orphans, visit prisoners and reach out to people of all ages and in all walks of life. They present a creative and relevant message of Christ and His love for people worldwide using the most powerful forms of media and communications available, as well as the development and distribution of practical teaching resources. If you wish to know more of the Joyce Meyer Ministries just click HERE.

They also publishes a dynamic full-color-design magazine that reaches over 3 million homes around the world with each issue. You can request your own copy of Enjoying Everyday Life by signing up their mailing list . I have been consistently receiving the magazine since 2008. I am truly blessed with the encouraging teaching of Joyce Meyer. Why not enlist yourself? Subscription is 100% FREE!

First year in the US

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I had a chat with Vanessa today , my long time friend now based in New York working as High School Teacher. Her school was closed for the week starting Monday due to the heavy snow fall. We had a long chat – catching up from long lost time from each other. It’s her first year in the U.S. so I just let her heart out in expressing her experiences. She talked about just anything – from her work, family, fashion , politics, economy and her home. Hmmmm… her home she said were mostly furnished out from the genorisity of the Filipino Community in New York. Last December she was able to renovate her dining room and kitchen. She sent me pictures and what caught my attention are the beautiful kitchen lighting and fixtures. Wow! I wished I have the same Kitchen!

She ended our chat relaying her horrible road experience in the midst of a snow blizzard. Her first Winter in New York turned out to be hilarious but dangerous .Thanks to the Emergency hotline who quickly responded to her call. She asked for prayer since a transport networks were already shutdown and a warning was issued to the general public that they could be forced to spend at least a week inside their houses to avoid further damages and accidents. Will you pray with me?