My Sweetheart

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Since It’s Valentine’s Day, I’m participating in Angie’s “Walking down the Lane” in Hmmm… can’t help but feel the love here….

This was 15 years ago…during his sister’s wedding.
We were good friends for 5 years and partners in the ministry.
he never courted me …but on Sept. 15, 1994 ..
He took me by surprise by asking the million dollar question
with a brilliant shining ring on his hand..
Dumbfounded! it took me 2 minutes to say YES! YES! YES!

After 15 years.. this is how we look like.. still madly in-love with each other.

With the fruit of our love Isaiah John and Dale Faith!
I greatly THANK GOD for the blissful marriage we have.
We do not have the riches in life but we are rich in love, life and GOD!
Our’s is a three strong cord marriage, where GOD is the center of it!