Valentine Days

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It’s Girls Talk once again. Here’s my entry of this week’s theme ” VALENTINES DAY PICS”. These wereafter the Valentines Concert my Hubby directed.

A Kiss from my Valentine

Caption : Anything worth wanting for is worth waiting for

With our Chaperons

Gifts from my kids and from my hubby
Thank you for your thoughtfulness…

Getting an Insurance Coverage

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Because of the recent tragic happening with our friends today, we became more health conscious. Our friend who has been recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer came home today from a 14-day Detoxification in Manila. She relayed that the duration of Detox Program she’s into will last 1 ½ to 2 years. Whew! That must be years of discipline when it comes to lifestyle and food in-take.

Prevention is better than cure! So Hubby bought New juicer today . We decided to have a daily dose of fruits Juice (Apple, Orange, Pine-apple and Mango) and also Vegetable juice ( Carrots, Bitter Melon and cucumber).

Aside from being health conscious, hubby and I decided to get a Health short term insurance . I see the need to include it in our budget believing that we are not getting any younger. Reality is : As we grow older… our health deteriorates. I do not want our children to be burdened with medicine maintenance and hospitalization. Just like my mother-in-law… she has a medical insurance with a maximum pay of P 70,000.00 per hospital admission. So every time she will be admitted to the hospital… charges will never be a problem to us. Isn’t it a wise investment? So this year,include insurances to be a part of your budget.

Looking For Furniture

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My hubby and I are on tight budget for many reasons. We are a family that loves to travel, loves to entertain friends and have other monthly pledges that needs prompt payments. So we are on the mission to save every penny we can. This is the reason why I love to shop at discount stores i. Expect me to be there when ever there are sales and promos. I am also a frequent shopper in our city’s Night Market every Friday and Saturday . I love to be there always since I can save up 70% from the regular prices of clothing, shoes, bags and other apparels .Aside from that, it my way to unstress myself from a week-long of working and blogging.

My projects for the quarter are :
1. Buy my little girl her much awaited single bed
2. Furnished our room with new Wardrobe Cabinet, Curtains and Bedsheets.
3. Roofing of our garage

The first 2 are the immediate ones. I tried malling around last Friday and Saturday but I was not able to see a good buy. How I wish Atlantic Furniture Online store is available in our location. I happened to stumble upon their site and found below my dream room furniture and furnishing. I love the King Bed, the dresser, the chest ,night stand and everything in it. Would you agree with me?

Defining Beauty

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Some say beauty is skin deep. As I ponder about this, one might think differently.But in some sense it is true. People will always notice and appreciate what they see physically. Women specially are the one’s so conscious with their beauty that I guess bulk of their income goes to clothing, apparels, make-up, jewelries and shoes. Others are not satisfied with their physical features and extreme enough to go for Cosmetic Surgery . I am not really against it ! If it is really needed , if you have the budget and you are brave enough to undergo the operation.. why not?

Anyway, beauty is on the eyes of the beholder… What is beautiful to me might not be beautiful to others. Look at the recent winner of Pinoy Big Brother – Double up Milai Cantiveros. Is she the epitome of true beauty? Everyone in the house voted her out but my brother who is her number one fan would surely dis-agree with anyone who will say that she’s ugly …He finds her attractive with her curly and dusk complexion. Hmmm…. for me she’s beautiful inside. The whole country must have love her very that she received the highest text vote in the whole history of Pinoy Big Brother. So what can say?