Another Bed Bugs Problem

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My little girl reminded me again tonight with my promise to buy her a new bed. I have been very busy this past two weeks due to the “True Love Waits” Valentine Concert that my hubby directed. Being a supportive wife ( naks!), I assisted him with the script , the printing of tickets and other documentation works. I made her a deal ( Hmmm… promise again…) to sleep at our room until her new bed arrives.

Actually her bed is just three years old. I bought it when she graduated in Kinder 2. The problem are the Bed Bugs that infested it. As I have blogged before, she has been suffering from all the bites and discomfort brought by this parasites. I have tried everything to get rid of it. I sprayed chemicals, washed it thoroughly with bleaching powder and exposed it to sunlight for 2 days but the bugs are just too stubborn to disappear. They keep on coming again… creeping inside the bed.

My hubby advised me to search online guide to different bed bugs symptoms. He’s afraid that when the new bed arrives, the problem will recur.It will only be a waste of money to buy a new one while the bugs are still her room . Thanks to .. it gave me ideas how to get rid of them.So if Bed Bugs are your problem, visit their site and be guided accordingly!

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  1. hi! thanks for sharing that website hun! i'm turning into a red spotted dalmation right now thanks to bed bugs! uhg! another problem i'm dealing with is on how to remove/lighten those bite marks that leave a nasty rounded dark spot…any ideas on this?

    i've also done what you did even changing sheets weekly pero the same pa din! hopefully both of us can resolve this problem soon! good luck sis!

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