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Thank you so much Vernz and Gagay for the Award! Hmmmm… now I know I am beautiful. Naks!

Accepting this Award means letting the people know 7 things about me. So here’s my lucky 7 :

1. I am already 42 yrs old and proud to announce it! Why hide God’s faithfulness ?
2. A Civil Engineer by profession
3. Love numbers…hate words ( Gosh! why I am here in the blogosphere?)
4. My blog Anniversary will be this April, any idea to celebrate it?
5. Afraid of heights… darks.. goes to bed with lights on.
6. Frustrated singer and dancer
7. God, Family and Ministry are my priorities in life

Now I am passing on this Beautiful Blogger Award to :

1. Cecil – Thoughts of a Pinay Sahm
2. Jackie – God brought me here for a Reason
3. Jo – Attalife
4. Bogie – Bogie’s Wonderland
5.CzaCza – My Art Matters

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Lovely gyud bitaw, walay kontra!!! On #3: because there's financially numerical correlation with the words? LOL! #4: Giveaway!!! #5: I thought we cured you of that back in Fortuna's cottage, didn't we sleep without lights then? #6: How come frustrated, you're good at both? If you are, what hope is there for the rest of us??? Haha! #7: Yes you are blessed!
    Thanks for the award!

  2. Hi Grace! This is definitely a much deserved award because you are indeed beautiful.

    Nice to know more about you my friend!

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