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One of the most important asset you can have in life is education. It still vivid in my memory hearing our parents told us that this is a heritage they can give us that money cannot buy and that thieves cannot steal. In the growing number of children and adults who are illiterates, it is once again imperative for us to focus on the importance of education. I heard an educator once said,”with education, we can make it” That is rising from the miry pit of poverty.

With this in mind, l remembered The Ross School. It was founded by Courtney Sale Ross, the widow of former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner, Inc. Steven Ross. She is a philanthropist specializing in education. Involved in this work for more than 16 years and aims to prepare K-12 students to be physically, and mentally equipped for the 21st century problems. Not only that, in 1991, Ross school was founded to function as an education research and development environment. And in 2006, Ross Institute for Advanced Study and Innovation was created for international education research. It is one institution that challenges its students to be globally competitive. It is seen in their focus of mixing globalization and education.

Not only does Courtney Sale Ross have the heart of education but also the heart to focus on providing education to the underserved fellowmen, and offers sholarship opportunity to the minority women through the Courtney Sale Ross Scholarship Fund. Her philanthropic endeavors led her to invest in major universities around the United States like Harvard University, New York University, and the University of Southern California. It clearly shows her heart for education and help for those who needed it most.

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