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Every day there are countless things to thank God for… the reason why I never miss to join this weekly meme. This is my way to declare and testify God’s awesome power and love.
It has been a year since my mother died ( I was not in the blogosphere yet…)Allow me to thank God again that along with the grief and pain came joy and blessing. After my mom passed away, we became closer as a family. My brother who is a medical doctor transferred residency here in our city and I was able to lead him and his whole family back to the Lord. They committed their lives even to the works of the ministry. Last Sunday, our eldest brother came to church… i didn’t invite him and I almost jumped for joy when I saw him at the pew. He enjoyed the worship service and even asked for song copies the following day.

Eight years before my mom went to the Lord, she made a book … a compilation of her write-ups.. her life as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a teacher and a mom. She highlighted in her book her ultimate desire for everyone of us tp continue the faith she and dad started in us. I know, mom and dad are joyful above seeing us serving God!

How about you?What are your grateful for this week? Share it with us.

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  1. What an amazing woman your Mother sounds- I think that part of the grieving is deciding what part of a person's legacy to understake to carry on. It sounds like for you its keeping your family together and on God's doorstep- big task but oh SOOOO worthwhile!

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart and allowing us to peek inside how God has used your mother to touch your life so deeply!


  3. It is really a testament to your mom's life how you, her kids, turned out. God will richly reward them for being His faithful servants.

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