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Because of the recent tragic happening with our friends today, we became more health conscious. Our friend who has been recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer came home today from a 14-day Detoxification in Manila. She relayed that the duration of Detox Program she’s into will last 1 ½ to 2 years. Whew! That must be years of discipline when it comes to lifestyle and food in-take.

Prevention is better than cure! So Hubby bought New juicer today . We decided to have a daily dose of fruits Juice (Apple, Orange, Pine-apple and Mango) and also Vegetable juice ( Carrots, Bitter Melon and cucumber).

Aside from being health conscious, hubby and I decided to get a Health short term insurance . I see the need to include it in our budget believing that we are not getting any younger. Reality is : As we grow older… our health deteriorates. I do not want our children to be burdened with medicine maintenance and hospitalization. Just like my mother-in-law… she has a medical insurance with a maximum pay of P 70,000.00 per hospital admission. So every time she will be admitted to the hospital… charges will never be a problem to us. Isn’t it a wise investment? So this year,include insurances to be a part of your budget.

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