Happy Birthday Dr. Joy Fancubit

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Who says balloons and Cake are only for kids Party?

Hubby and My lil girl……………. Praying for the Celebrator and the food

The Korean International School my mom administered. She’s the Principal… and these are her teachers

Sounds ironic…. Yesterday I posted about the First Death Anniversary Celebration of my Mom and now… I’m posting another Celebration of Life… The 72nd birthday of my Mother-in-law. I will just make this quick since today is our date day ( Hubby and I agreed to make Friday exclusive for FAMILY BONDING – so BLOGGING is OUT!). I am posting these pictures for the sake of my sis-in-laws who were not with us this afternoon for the celebration ( Genelie who’s in California and Gemini in AUP, Cavite).

Special thanks to Genelie for financing this birthday bash…. Thank you “ying” for your graciousness. She’s the kind of sis-in-law who’s always there in times of need ( specially financial needs….heheheheheehe)

I’ll make another post in tribute to the MOST WONDERFUL MOTHER-IN-LAW in the Whole World. Got to go… my hubby and kids were all set for our night cafe adventure.


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  1. Hello My gangmates….brod, sis-in-law, nephew and niece…thanks for making moms birthday a celebration of life. We missed her birthday gyud, grabe, missed it, but we promise to make it up after two years pa…huhuhuhu.thanks again and God bless you all.

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