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Aside from my office works and blogging, I will be busy this week until June 2010 for the construction of a friend’s P3 Million residential building. For those who haven’t read my profile, I am a Civil Engineer by profession but went full time in the Ministry as Church Admin Officer . Yes! I miss my Engineering and Construction works but God called me for a greater purpose. When my friend asked my assistance with the estimation , budgeting and consultancy of his house construction, I gladly said yes! I have started today with the details of the Bill of Materials. Beginning from zero… l scanned again for reference the contact numbers and emails of suppliers and friends . Ahh….. I loved the feeling to be connected again with my co-workers and friends in the industry. Eight years had passed since I resigned from work… got lots of changes … I must adopt to them. Next week will be the bulk delivery of materials and I am looking for ladder rack and husky liners for the truck that we will be using. I need tonneau cover for delicate materials like cement and plywood. One thing I realized prices of materials and tools surged up so high from 2002. I was shock to know that a truckload of Mixed Sand and gravel already cost P 8,000.00 while before it was only P 3,800.00. Cement now is P 206/per bag compared to the P 145/bag before. Oh my… Thank God I already built my house. So guys if you are planning to build your house… don’t delay! Prices may increase after the National Election… and oopppsss don’t forget to hire my expertise…Lol!

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  1. wow! it's great to hear that you can still do your job as a civil engineer Nang..as for me, I think I've already forgotten the things I've learned about my course..hehehe! so, I won't be that confident to do my ID practice.

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