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For your company to compete the expanding market demand, you have also got to expand your company’s sources and resources to meet the growing demand of the global market. If you are not sure that traditional funding is quite good for you, and you have a viable business model, why not try to consider a private equity firm to help your company?
Let me introduce to you Avista Capital. It is a private equity investment firm that handles and focuses on energy, healthcare and media businesses. They will help you find venture capital from private sources and in turn raise capital to expand and grow your business. Avista Capital uses the strategy called “Global Partnership Strategy” that ensures growth for your company with the help of investment professionals and industry experts.

It was formed in 2005 by Thompson Dean and Steven Webster who are partners at DLI Merchant Banking partners (“DLIMB”) considered as one of the world’s most successful private equity franchises in the equity industry. Let Avista Capital Partners work for you and your company and see the growth of it as you have not seen it before. It is a growing company that adds business exponentially, even acquiring Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Imaging in 2008, and it is continuing to grow. That is surely a name you can trust.

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