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My hubby and I are on tight budget for many reasons. We are a family that loves to travel, loves to entertain friends and have other monthly pledges that needs prompt payments. So we are on the mission to save every penny we can. This is the reason why I love to shop at discount stores i. Expect me to be there when ever there are sales and promos. I am also a frequent shopper in our city’s Night Market every Friday and Saturday . I love to be there always since I can save up 70% from the regular prices of clothing, shoes, bags and other apparels .Aside from that, it my way to unstress myself from a week-long of working and blogging.

My projects for the quarter are :
1. Buy my little girl her much awaited single bed
2. Furnished our room with new Wardrobe Cabinet, Curtains and Bedsheets.
3. Roofing of our garage

The first 2 are the immediate ones. I tried malling around last Friday and Saturday but I was not able to see a good buy. How I wish Atlantic Furniture Online store is available in our location. I happened to stumble upon their site and found below my dream room furniture and furnishing. I love the King Bed, the dresser, the chest ,night stand and everything in it. Would you agree with me?

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