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As I was going to the office yesterday, the road was on heavy traffic due to the motorcade of business establishment, government agencies and schools participating on the BIR 2010 Public Assistance and Awareness Campaign. They are encouraging the public for an early filing of Income Tax. I guess their promotion is effective since I am really motivated to file our taxes earlier than the deadline. This will save my time and effort in fitting in the long and crowded line of taxpayers.

Speaking of Taxes, I am reminded of a book THE TAX LADY’S GUIDE TO BEATING THE IRS: And Saving Big Bucks on Your Taxes. This book is authored by USA’s renown experienced tax-debt attorney – Roni Lynn Deutch. She is a tax attorney who specializes in resolving IRS back taxes. Her law firm is nationally accredited and has been operating for nearly 20 years. It is now considered one of the largest law firm in America. It’s humble beginning started in a one person- practice in a small condo unit. But because of her dedication in resolving back taxes and acknowledging how devastating the IRS can be for those who are indebted, her law firm has grown and now employs hundreds of people. How I wish we have a Roni Lynn Deutch attorney here in our country.

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