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Funny, it’s now February but I was able to receive my Christmas Greeting Card from a friend in UK just today. I thought it was a Valentine Card but when I opened it…. Waaah… it was a Christmas and New Year Greeting Card! I checked the dates, it was mailed December 20 in London, received by our local post office January 5.. but why did it took 40 days to arrive home? Was it because of the confusing block and lot address of our subdivision ? Or maybe simply because no one was at home every time the post man arrives.

Anyway, thank you so much Neil and Cecil for your historical greetings! Lol! Because of this, my hubby and I decided to have mailbox installed at home. In this way, our important letters, bills and cards will be received at the right time. I surf for residential mailboxes online and I was fascinated by the different designs available at Mailboxixchange. They have a wide selection of residential and Commercial Mailboxes that would surely fit your needs. They have single unit, wall mounted and column mounted mail boxes.

I preferred the one below, since the capacity is big and it will hold envelope-size mails .It’s column mounted so it will sure last a lifetime. Do you have mailbox at home? If none, then visit their site and pick one from their mail boxes designs!

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