New York to North Carolina

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Heard from the news today that Snow Fall in the Unite States is the heaviest since 90 years. The epic snowfall across the mid-atlantic are breaking records in Washinton DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York and New Jersey. Due to heavy snow fall, number of accidents already have taken place. Transport networks were shut down, schools and other business establishments were closed and it caused a number of airline flights to be delayed.

I have just chatted with our friends in New York and they can attest to the damages brought by the Snow Blizzard. Our friends in New Jersey and New York who are working as High School teachers planned to transfer work and residency in North Carolina particularly in Wilmington. The Filipino community in North Carolina have invited them to transfer work and residency in NC. Aside from California, most of Filipinos crowded in the city since they have a humid subtropical climate. Finding a place is not a problem since there are lots of Wilmington NC apartments for rents. Cozy apartments which are at the heart of the city. My friends decided to transfer on June ( summer break) . What made them decide is that a school already accepted their application . Another big factor is that living in Wilmington is not as fast-paced as in New York and New Jersey. Good luck friends !

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