Busy …No time doing my rounds…

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Just a short note :

Much as I wanted to bloghop…. time and strength didn’t allow it. I was busy this past 2 days for the youth retreat with our campus Bible study contacts. Indeed it was a very fulfilling event. Seeing students crying and giving their life to to Christ is worth all the Praises and Thanksgiving.

I’ll be back soon guys. Thanks for you visits!

John Maxwell’s Failing Forward

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Here’s the booklets I received after completing the Million leaders Mandate ,Volume 2, Notebook 5 of Equip. EQUIP –Equipping Leaders to Reach our World is founded by JOHN MAXWELL , an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold more than 18 million books. Dr. Maxwell is the founder of EQUIP, a non-profit organization that has trained more than 5 million leaders in 126 countries worldwide. Each year he speaks to the leaders of diverse organizations, such as Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments, the National Football League, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and the United Nations I am privilege to be one of them.

Notebook 5 is all about FAILING FORWARD. No wants to fail , but everyone does from time to time. Many people are eager to study lessons on how to success but very few want to train for failure . Because we all mess up occasionally, we must learn how to make failure our friend. John Maxwell points out that Mistakes and failures are to be embraced because they produce lessons, perseverance and strength of character. ( see John Maxwell blog here)

This is a perfect topic for my lady circle. Hope to start it by March.

If you have not attended the seminar. Grab a book. I am sure it is available in bookstore nation wide.

Hire Me!

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Aside from my office works and blogging, I will be busy this week until June 2010 for the construction of a friend’s P3 Million residential building. For those who haven’t read my profile, I am a Civil Engineer by profession but went full time in the Ministry as Church Admin Officer . Yes! I miss my Engineering and Construction works but God called me for a greater purpose. When my friend asked my assistance with the estimation , budgeting and consultancy of his house construction, I gladly said yes! I have started today with the details of the Bill of Materials. Beginning from zero… l scanned again for reference the contact numbers and emails of suppliers and friends . Ahh….. I loved the feeling to be connected again with my co-workers and friends in the industry. Eight years had passed since I resigned from work… got lots of changes … I must adopt to them. Next week will be the bulk delivery of materials and I am looking for ladder rack and husky liners for the truck that we will be using. I need tonneau cover for delicate materials like cement and plywood. One thing I realized prices of materials and tools surged up so high from 2002. I was shock to know that a truckload of Mixed Sand and gravel already cost P 8,000.00 while before it was only P 3,800.00. Cement now is P 206/per bag compared to the P 145/bag before. Oh my… Thank God I already built my house. So guys if you are planning to build your house… don’t delay! Prices may increase after the National Election… and oopppsss don’t forget to hire my expertise…Lol!

Happy Birthday Dr. Joy Fancubit

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Who says balloons and Cake are only for kids Party?

Hubby and My lil girl……………. Praying for the Celebrator and the food

The Korean International School my mom administered. She’s the Principal… and these are her teachers

Sounds ironic…. Yesterday I posted about the First Death Anniversary Celebration of my Mom and now… I’m posting another Celebration of Life… The 72nd birthday of my Mother-in-law. I will just make this quick since today is our date day ( Hubby and I agreed to make Friday exclusive for FAMILY BONDING – so BLOGGING is OUT!). I am posting these pictures for the sake of my sis-in-laws who were not with us this afternoon for the celebration ( Genelie who’s in California and Gemini in AUP, Cavite).

Special thanks to Genelie for financing this birthday bash…. Thank you “ying” for your graciousness. She’s the kind of sis-in-law who’s always there in times of need ( specially financial needs….heheheheheehe)

I’ll make another post in tribute to the MOST WONDERFUL MOTHER-IN-LAW in the Whole World. Got to go… my hubby and kids were all set for our night cafe adventure.


TT : 1st Death Anniversary

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Last Friday we gathered for a simple Death Anniversary Celebration of my mom at Divine Shepherd Memorial Park. I thought it was only a gathering for the immediate family but I was surprised to see that most of the relatives were there. My mom’s sisters ( all 70+ in age) came with their families as well. It is heartwarming to know that they were not able to forget the occasion. I greatly thank God for the time bonding together as a Clan. Yes! I missed my mom…missed her touch…. her smiles …. her love… but her presence was made tangible through her sisters and relatives.