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I sleep soundly at night and feel the safety of this nation because of people who unselfishly offer their lives for Freedom. Sometimes their good intention to protect us are jeopardized because of some technicalities and cover-ups. This was what happened to the three Navy Seals who have been accused of assaulting a suspected terrorist. A good deed turned bad! The legal battles of Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas and Jonathan Keefe caused them not only emotional , mental and physical distress but also caused them a considerable amount of money.
Let us help in one way or another to support these beleguered warriors. The U.S. Navy SEALs Store is selling t-shirts for $ 20 each. Support Navy SEALs by being a part of this advocacy and let the whole world know that you are behind behind the SEALs . It comes with two designs, one emblazoned with the words “SUPPORT OUR SEALS” and the other “CONDEMN THE TERRORISTS, NOT OUR HEROES”. The store will donate half the purchase price to the Warrior Defense Fund which is providing the financial assistance for the Seal Trio. If you are convicted to give more…. you can offer donations directly to the fund . Your contributions are fully tax-deductible. Be generous enough ! Order your T-shirts now and be part of this noble cause!

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