Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

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I always wanted a bigger restroom in our house. Although we have already one in our master’s bedroom , I guess there is still a need to extend our common rest room to accommodate the morning daily rush hours. Oftentimes this is the source of our early morning debates between the kids. Everyone wants to be first to use the bath and toilet and once inside … nobody wants to hurry to get out ( got what I mean?). Usually the kids spend 30 minutes doing their morning rituals and we have to squeeze the time left for us so they won’t be late for classes.

To solve this problem, my hubby and I decided to extend our common restroom this summer or build a toilet for each of our kid’s rooms.We are also planning to remodel our own rest room. How I wish I have the same bathroom as my mom-in-law’s. She’s an Interior Designer so you could imagine her bathroom vanities like granite counter-top, stainless faucets, antique mirror and decorative towel warmers. Oh…. you must see her mural wall painting which she did it personally . Stepping into her bath room feels like you’re in an exotic beach resort ( I’ll post some picture’s next time). Anyway, mine would only be simple – towel warmers and small storage glass cabinet would do. What is important is that I could add enough space and do some painting. I will do it this summer so by next school opening there will be no more early morning debates!

Another project we would do this summer is the remodeling of our kitchen. Would you believe that our kitchen sinks are as old as my 9 yr. old daughter?It is still looking good… but I guess its time for a new replacement. We are planning to install a water filtration kitchen faucets to cut cost from Mineral Water.

How about you? What’s your remodeling project this year? Share it with us!